The Upward Home Manifesto

Upward Home was created to deliver insights and observations about affluent consumers and the high-end marketplace. Here you will find innovative strategies and tactics designed to help you build brands, generate leads, and drive sales.

One of the goals with Upward Home is to dispel myths about affluent consumers, so that marketers can do a better job of building high-end brands and generating sales.

Here’s what we believe:

Premium brands drive category profits. In any given category, the premium brand or brands drive 20% of volume, 40% of revenue, and 60% of profits. Building a premium brand isn’t a marketing strategy, it’s a fundamental business strategy.

Affluents drive the American economy. In an economy where consumer spending accounts for 70% of the US GDP, Affluents account for nearly half of this spending volume. Without them, the economy tanks.

Affluents are the most important, yet least understood consumer segment in marketing. Too many marketers make terrible decisions based on their own misperceptions about affluent consumers, thereby dramatically reducing the effectiveness of their brands.

Affluents are middle class at heart. Nearly nine out of ten come from the middle class. They didn’t come from wealth, they created it themselves. If you don’t understand this simple fact, you’re going to waste a lot of marketing dollars.

Affluents are by no means a homogenous group. There are significant differences on many issues depending on their household income, wealth, age, gender, and other markers. These differences represent a challenge and an opportunity, rather than using a “one size fits all” approach.

Like Affluents, high-end brands are not created equal either. There is no one-size-fits-all playbook for building and leveraging premium brands.

Home is where the heart is. If your brand can connect with consumers in an authentic way, you will win in the marketplace.

Home page photo: Ramey client, Hestan Outdoor, photographed in Napa Valley by William Hereford