Micro Influencers, Major Results.

Find the right social media influencer for your high-end home brand


This post was written by The Upward Home Team

Luxury brands have been slow to embrace the power of social media. Many are worried it will hurt the integrity and exclusiveness of their image. »  Read More

How to Humanize Your High-End Brand

Connecting with consumers is key to success

For a luxury brand to succeed in the market, it used to be enough to just be… luxurious. True luxe consumers would naturally trust the premium brand while aspirational consumers would save up to purchase coveted items. »  Read More

Affluents Tell High-End Home Brands How to Engage Them

New research illustrates how consumers are engaged by medium.


If affluent consumers told you exactly how to engage with them, would you find that information helpful? Might those insights help you sharpen your marketing efforts?

A recent study asked affluent consumers about the marketing communications they might see across a variety of mediums and platforms – and asked them to weigh in on how engaged they are with those messages. »  Read More

4 Important Digital Trends Shaping High-End Home Brands

If you understand the opportunities, your brand has unlimited potential.


Marketers of high-end brands often tell me about the one-two punch they faced during the past several years. If the global recession didn’t knock them on the mat, the explosion of digital marketing certainly made them see stars. »  Read More

A Content Guide for High-End Home Brands

If you’re not thinking strategically about content, you’re in trouble.


How many times per day do you read or hear or talk about content marketing?

If you’re like many of the home brand marketers I know, I’d imagine that you and your team think about it a lot. »  Read More

How Can High-End Home Brands Compete for Clicks on YouTube?

Sophisticated home brands need not compromise their core principles to find an audience on YouTube.


The opportunity to create video content that consumers seek out and share with friends is there for any advertiser. And with more than 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month, the potential rewards are clear. »  Read More