Important Group of Consumers Returns in 24 Months

How Millennials will impact high-end home brands.


What if I told you that a group that makes up 20% of the affluent consumer base in the US is yet to fully participate in the economic recovery – but that when they return, their behavior will look nothing like the behavior of everyone else? »  Read More

Owning vs. Experiencing a High-End Home Brand

Why you should consider an experiential luxury strategy for your brand.


Several years ago, I was working on brand strategy with my clients at Viking Range. The philosophical question on the table was this: Is a giant stainless steel Viking an end unto itself – or a means to an end? »  Read More

How Emotions Evolve in the High-End Home Brand Purchase Process

Smart brands work to maximize joy post-purchase.


Your consumer has finally decided that it’s time to update the kitchen, redecorate the living room, or replace the floors downstairs.  As many marketers of high-end home brands know, the purchase cycle for an expensive home-related product could be six months to a year before she finally buys. »  Read More